Tolpuddle Man

The definitive Tolpuddle song collection - 17 mp3 tracks from Graham Moore's acclaimed folk musical, Tolpuddle Man.
"Graham's inspirational songs for the Tolpuddle Martyrs capture the heartache and joy of their story ..... he deserves his place as one of Britain’s finest folk singer-songwriters."
Nigel Costley - SW TUC - Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival 

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Songs of the times

Rigs of the Time 
O, 'tis of an old butcher, I must bring him in.
He charge two shillings a pound, and thinks it no sin. 
Slaps his thumb on the scale-weights and makes them go down
He swears it's good weight yet it wants half a pound. 

Honesty's all out of fashion 
These are the rigs of the time, Time, my boys These are the rigs of the time

Honest Labourer 
It was of an honest labourer as I've heard some say
He goes out in the morning and he works hard all day
And he's got seven children and most of them are small
He has nothing but hard labour to maintain them all